About Giftbaran

GIFTBARAN is an online store for people who want to surprise their loved ones. You can choose or even design your gift online & we will deliver it to your friend or your family member.

       Making gifts:

Dolls, A unique surprise

Just remember two weeks before a special day, a full picture of the person you want to send us. We make the doll like him and send it to her. A special gift from one of the best artists in the  this field "Miss Faghani". To see a sample of dolls go to this section and watch the product gallery. Seeing details like watches, bags, shoes and small objects that have been carefully simulated will surprise you.

Cake, A delicious gift

Birthday, or maybe anniversary of marriage. Upload your own photo of your choice and write your favorite text, your photo and text will be printed on the cake surface and delivered in a beautiful wooden packaging to the door of your desired home. The cakes have different shapes and weights that you can choose based on the number of guests. The cakes are cooked creamy with walnuts. It is important to know that these cakes are baked in collaboration with one of the best pastry shops in Tehran and delivered to your loved ones. You can specify the date and time of delivery at the time of your order.


Calendar, A gift with family occasion dates

NAHID' aunt's birthday, Mom and Dad's wedding anniversary, and any other occasion you want, will be printed and highlighted on this calendar and more importantly the pages of this wall calendar are full of photos that you have uploaded. These wall calendars are produced in single page, seasonal and two-monthly basis and will be delivered to your loved ones in the best quality in a beautiful packaging.

Carpet, A gift woven from memories

A different and beautiful gift, a carpet that is woven with your photos and memories. Send us your favorite picture so we can weave it for you! Dimensions of these carpets are varied and you can choose your desired dimensions. You can also make it more luxury by ordering frame for it. The high quality and classy material that used in this product will keep your memories for long time. Let's weave our memories!

Flower, A gift of gentleness

A quick look at the variety of bouquets, baskets and flower boxes in this section will introduce you to the most different surprises of this store. Give flowers to your loved ones occasionally. It will also send them a postcard with text that you want. Surprise your dear ones in Iran with a refreshing gift.

Mug, A gift with your own photo and text

Upload your favorite photo and text to be printed on the mug. Now your memorise will be with your loved ones while drinking tea or coffee. The mugs are available in both normal and thermal types. In the thermal type, the dark color of the mug is revealed after contact with the hot liquids and picture will show on it. Thematic and diverse categories for your audience across different age groups such as grandparents, kids, gentlemen, ladies, fathers and mothers or occasions such as Nowruz, Yalda and ... bring you a variety of choices.

Canvas print, A gift on the wall of your loved ones home

Large, small, one, two and four pieces boards that put your photo or a view of your living place on the wall of your audience.

Photography package, A memorable gift

A professional team ready to record your memories. At our studio or at the home of your loved ones. Just send us the date of your photography and your phone number. We coordinate it, depending on the occasion ahead, such as the birth of a child, the anniversary of the marriage, a family celebration or any other occasion, our team will be there or invite them to our studio. The result will be delivered in a short period of time and your photos will be print and deliverd.

Post card, A simple and intimate gift

This is a simple, intimate and nostalgical gift. You can add your own photo and text in front and back of the card. Or choose one of our ready-made designs for occasions like Nowruz, Yalda, Birthday, Marriage, and for any audience of any age and add photos and text. Surprise your loved ones with an intimate gift.

T-shirt, A gift with your desired photos and texts

Design a special outfit with your own photo you like, add a beautiful text to it and send it as a gift. T-shirts for women, men and childish are available to choose, and you can even order clothes for all members of the same family.

With the large range of personalized gifts you have the opportunity to surprise your loved ones with such great unique gifts! So, what are you waiting for?

Grab your cell phone, take a picture and send it to us, and leave the rest to u