About Giftbaran

GIFTBARAN is an online store for people who want to surprise their loved ones. You can choose or even design your gift online & we will deliver it to your friend or your family member.

       Making gifts:

  • Canvas: you can design your favourite photo and or/or text in 1 or more pieces in so many different sizes to choose from and create a unique gift for your special person!
  • Calender: Our wall calendars are presented in 3 different types:

       A) Canvas

       B) 7 pages Calendar

       C) Four Seasons Calendar

    You can choose your favourite photo as well as your important dates to be printed (for example your parent's Anniversary or your brother's birthday marked in your mom's personalized calendar!)
  • T-shirt: They are available in different sizes for men, women and children. Your favourite photo and/ or text can be printed on them.
  • Mug: We have at least 11 different types of pre- designed mugs on one side for special occasions and your favourite photo and/or text can be printed on the other side.
  • Card: We have so many different types of cards to choose from and your favourite photo and/or text could be printed on your card as well.
  • Pictorial carpets: Upload a photo and give the gift of a beautiful woven pictorial carpet to your loved ones. The carpet can be ordered with or without a frame.
  • Photo Cakes: Choose a special photo to have it on a cake and surprise your special person. The cakes come in different sizes and shapes from 1.5 kg to 3.5 kg. The cakes are made by one of the best cake masters in town and come in a beautiful wooden box.(Tehran only)
  • Flowers: Our lovely flowers are truely one of a kind. A unique selection of exquisite flowers with beautiful arrangements have been selected for you to choose from and surprise your loved ones. (Tehran only)
  • Photography package: Send our professional photography team to your special person's party to capture the moments of his/ her day. Check out the photos in our gallery and choose a package that fits your need and your budget (Tehran only).

With the large range of personalized gifts you have the opportunity to surprise your loved ones with such great unique gifts! So, what are you waiting for?

Grab your cell phone, take a picture and send it to us, and leave the rest to u