FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Billing and Payment

Answer: The GiftBaran has been registered from the beginning in Canada and all its bank accounts have been officially opened in this country, and no money transfers to Iran. Surprise without worrying your loved ones in Iran.

Answer: No, it is not necessary. Paypal payments are made through the port, but you do not necessarily need to have an account at Paypal. After registering your order on the PayPal website, you can log in to Paypal and you can enter your email, then in a few simple steps, define your payment card in PayPal and make your payment through Credit / Debit Card.

How to send gifts

Answer: Actually, no. Our intention is to surprise your loved ones. Therefore, in the order of the goods, the phone call will not be received by the recipient before the order is sent. Of course, if you would like to be notified before contacting the recipient, they will contact them and submit a bill of lading code to view them at the moment of delivery of the order.

Answer: If the gift recipient is not present at the place of delivery, he will be contacted and, in coordination with him, the gift will be delivered to one of the neighbors or coordinated for the hour they are at home.

Answer: For all products on the description page, the predicted time is inserted. (Pictured below)

Answer: Most of the products on the site can be sent to all parts of Iran. Some services and products are currently available only in Tehran. In the near future, as soon as we establish quality agencies, we will try to expand the scope of these special orders to other Iranian cities. This difference is mentioned in the product images and their explanation.